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With digital life-changing so rapidly, it’s time for a new way to protect it. Welcome to McAfee Forward—the future of online protection today. 

As all that change reshapes how we spend our time online, we believe that one thing remains constant: meaningful protection is a personal right. Your right. That’s how we see it here at McAfee, and we want you to go forward and enjoy your digital life with confidence. Confident that you’re safe as you bank and shop online, sure. Yet also confident as you consult your doctor online, track your fitness routines, order a pizza with the sound of your voice, start your car with your smartphone, and simply do what’s next—the umpteen other innovations yet imagined, all thanks to the internet.  

So what does the future of online protection look like? You. While different technologies may come and go, the one thing that won’t change is you. The person using them. That’s why our focus is on you, your privacy, identity, and overall security, no matter what device, app, or platform you’re doing or what you’re doing it on. 

No doubt about it, life online will continue to change how we go about our day in lively and unexpected ways. You have a right to enjoy it all. And you can leave that to us. We thrive on what’s new and different—and then protecting it so you can get the most out of it.  

That future of online protection is indeed here today. We’ve already rolled out major updates and industry firsts that look out for you online, particularly your privacy and identity. There’s much more to come in the weeks and months ahead. Because you have a right to a life that’s always safe and enjoyable online, whatever shape it takes in the days to come.  

Here’s to living that life with confidence, and to what’s on the horizon. Through it all, we have your back. 

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